ABOUT Ayodele Herbals.com

When one of the Ayodele clients advised the organization to persist and not despise its small beginning in 1996 the implication was rather strange. However, today Ayodele has become a universal brand under the auspices of Ayodele Slimmers and Naturopathic Clinic and Africa Herbals. The organization has grown from one brand to another culminating in Diafa AYODELE HERBALS as a trade mark. The activities of Ayodele includes but not limited to Ayodele Herbal Farms, Ayodele Health Products and Ayodele Public Health Clinic/Resort

Ayodele aims at revolutionizing the concept of herbal medicine which was hitherto regarded as fetish, unhygienic and primitive. The organization has campaigned vehemently for a new information order that aimed at placing herbal medicine in its proper perspective in Africa and beyond. In 20 years, Ayodele has transformed the concept of herbal products, herbal farm and herbal health care a great brand like allopathic medicine that can be used with pride by all races, religion, sex, nations and socio economic strata. The year 2016 clocks 20 years of Ayodele touching lives with natural healing.

The organization so far developed three strong arms in its 20 years of existence.

  1. Ayodele Herbal Farms
  2. Ayodele Herbal Products
  3. Ayodele Clinic/Resort


This is the arm that cultivates medicinal herbs for use in the factory where Ayodele Herbal Products are manufactured. The farm also cultivates medicinal plants and makes it available to the teeming population who find it difficult to source the herbs. Ayodele Herbal Farm cultivates both foreign and local herbs to improve the health and wellbeing of its numerous clients at home and abroad. Besides, another reason for the establishment of the Ayodele Herbal Farm is to enhance further standardization and the hygiene of its products. Hence it cultivates in a very clean environment, and uses organic manure instead of the obnoxious fertilizer.



This is the herbal product manufacturing arm of the organization. It has an office, a dressing room, a mini warehouse for raw materials, production and packaging room, as well as mini warehouse for finished products.

Many factors stand out Ayodele Herbal Products from the rest

  1. It uses organic medicinal plants from its farms in the production of Ayodele Herbal Products. This guarantees safety, standardization and hygiene of its products.
  2. Upgrade of Herbal Products in Nigeria to international status.
  3. Most consistent and persistent in the development of the Nigerian herbal medicine.
  4. Has eight best seller herbal products certified by the Nigerian Drug agency known as National Food and Drug Agency and Control, NAFDAC. It is also developing 20 more products through its herbal farm in conjunction with its Public Health/ Herbal Clinic.
  5. The products are formulated and produced by professionals in herbal medicine, pharmacologists, in addition to the CEO of the organization, Dr. Isaac Ayodele who is a Doctor of Science in Public Health.
  6. It engages in regular clinical trials of its products to ensure its efficacy.
  7. Ayodele has in its kitties more than 25 books including the bestseller, ‘’when the doctor is away’’

Some of the star products of Diafa Ayodele Herbals Products include:

  1. STIMULO capsules and tea for the treatment of erectile dysfunction and low libido. The remedy is popularly called High Libido by our clients
  2. SHAPELYN capsules and tea is popular for weight loss and potbelly remedy. It is also used by those who want to detoxify and improve their digestion as well as control their unbridled appetite.
  3. DIATYN capsules and tea are used to fight high sugar level in the blood. It is an anti diabetes remedy used to improve the state of the pancreas. Also, Diatyn is used to improve energy.
  4. FIBROZIN capsules and tea are the fibroid patient companion for melting fibroids slowly and steadily.
  5. BLOSSOM capsules and tea are sperm boosters that improve the quantity and quality of the sperm. It is a known remedy for male fertility.
  6. DETOXID capsules and tea is specifically for detoxification of the various organs to enhance health and wellbeing of the people.
  7. SUPER GUARD capsules and tea were made to improve immunity. They are also anti infection therapy.
  8. SUPERCLEANSE capsules and tea are bitters and tonic meant to fight infections. Super Cleanse also cleanses the blood, gall bladder and kidney in addition to cleansing gall bladder and kidney stones. It is also useful for fighting aches and wounds



Ayodele Clinic is the centre for clinical trials of Ayodele Herbal products. The clinic is also for public health. It is an integrative medical centre attending to the health needs of individuals, devising various ways of improving the health of the larger population. The Ayodele Clinic has also provided a platform to attest to the efficacy of the various medicinal plants harvested from Ayodele Herbal Farms. It engages in Free Medical Check Up and get assistance from DIAFA NGO to give some patient free medical treatment to some less privileged in the society.

In addition to all these, the Clinic has Guest Suites for patients or clients that have to stay for days for habit reformation and treatments, natural healing and wellbeing.

As a result, myriads have been to the resort- clinic and recovered from various ailments.


To be one of the best herbal products manufacturers in the universe.


To commit our resources, creativity and expertise to deliver health and wellbeing to all with high integrity.