Ayodele Herbal Farm is the flagship of our collective herbal medicine activities for two decades. It has always been our desire to cultivate our own herbal farm where we can plant various medicinal herbs in a hygienic environment using manure instead of the inorganic fertilizer that has reduced the safety and potency of most medicinal herbs. We seek to maintain a high standard beyond those prescribed by the regulatory bodies in terms of safety, potency and other rules and regulations. Hence we go for using organic herbs cultivated from Ayodele Herbal Farms. The herbs are also available for sale for those who want to use bulk and fresh herbs.

So far the Ayodele Herbal Farm parade 83 foreign and local herbs known for its outstanding efficacy and most wanted worldwide. And, we are still planting more and more herbs. Besides, the herbal farm gives us the opportunity to teach our clients and visitors uses of various common herbs that they had hitherto considered as mere plants for the beautification of the garden.

The farm is highly fenced to avoid intruders. It also has a security gate and a farm house. The farm house includes a department for the farmers, a reception and sales centre for visitors, a consulting room and a mini- warehouse for herbs harvested.