About The Founder of Diafa AYODELE HERBALS, Dr Isaac Ayodele

The story of Isaac Ayodele is propelled by the demise of his father, Jimoh Ayodele, a soldier in the Nigerian army who fought gallantly in the Nigerian Civil War to keep Nigeria one but was gruesomely murdered in a cave somewhere at Ogoja in the then Eastern Nigeria.

More painfully was the fact that there was no information from the Nigerian Army to the family about his death. It was his colleagues that broke the bad news to the family.

Isaac Ayodele is the only child of his father. And since there was no compensation from the Federal Government to the family, he had to suffer to educate himself. But life was traumatic and gruesome for him. He wore torn knickers at primary school and eat from the bin at secondary school. As a result of this, Isaac resolved to wound the soul of Nigeria

However, along the line, he changed his mind and resolved to immortalize his father by doing good works to humanity. This is the reason he has been involved in various humanitarian services to humanity, particularly in health and wellbeing, sports and fighting climate change.

Isaac Ayodele can be described as a self made man. Though he started his academic career with a second class upper degree in Library Science in 1987 from Ahamadu Bello University, Zaria, he veered into Naturopathic medicine and because of his passion for renewable energy and fight against environmental pollution, epidemic diseases and climate change, Isaac Ayodele holds a doctorate degree in Public Health from prestigious Atlantic International University in Honolulu, Hawaii, United States in March, 2016.

Though, from a combatant background, as a barrack boy, Dr Isaac Ayodele does not believe in physical combat. He is a man of nature who holds the concept that nature will always take its course. He was chairman of Cocoa Industries of Odua Investment, Director of Odua Telcom (O’net) Chairman of Ekiti State football Association. Dr. Ayodele was also one of the 3 man committee appointed by the Congress of the Nigeria Football Federation, NFF, to run its affairs during its days of travail. He was also an executive Chairman of Ekiti State Sports Council and President of National Integrative Medicine Practitioners Association, NIMPA.

Also he is an author of repute having published over 30 books and a bestseller “When the Doctor is Away”; this is in addition to his journalistic experience as a Bureau Chief of the defunct Kaduna based Democrat national newspaper in Abuja. He covered the constituent assembly in 1988 and later moved to Radio Nigeria, where he was a staff writer and producer of the popular “Guest Of The Moment” in Radio Nigeria, Ibadan. He is a Director of The League Management Company, LMC. He also sits at the board of Ayodele Clinic International, Ayodele Health Resort. He has been at war with debilitating ailments with 8 certified health products, which includes, Stimulo, Shapelyn, Detoxid, Fibrozin, Super Clease, Diatyn, Super Guard and Blossom; and DIAFA Solar Energy Support as the CEO of the Organizations.

Similarly Dr. Ayodele is an ambassador of Carbon Credit Network, which is a baby of the United Nations to fight carbon emission and militate against climate change. He is a member of the Distinguished Technological Council, Nigeria.

His NGO, Dr. Isaac Ayodele Foundation and Academy, DIAFA, took off in 2005 and officially on 17th April, 2006, with the sole aim of offering skill acquisition and empowerment to the less privileged in our society. After empowering myriads of youths, the NGO veered its empowerment activities through football with DIAFA Football Club. DIAFA says “let those who have give to those who don’t have, but mind you we all have. Those who have less should give little and those who have much should give more. If you give and I give, the world will be a better place for all of us”.

Dr Isaac Ayodele as an environmentalist and a practitioner of Public Health is against environmental degradation and carbon emission which has killed many people through the use of generator and kerosene cooking stoves. This is the basis for the pet project DIAFA light up Naija initiative which hopes to light up 30,000 homes with solar energy by December, 2016.